What is AlwaySupport?

AlwaySupport provides instant and contextually relevant answers based on a self-learning and ever growing Q&A knowledge-base. Provides live chat and ticketing support system and it uses your site visitors to provide reliable and instant answers to questions asked by other visitors. That, in addition to your site’s FAQ, allows AlwaySupport to provide an answer to any question in a cost-effective way. The result is a significant reduction in support costs versus other online solutions, an increase in conversions such as sales or registrations, improved and speedy customer support, and a rise in visitor engagement and loyalty.

AlwaySupport interfaces are intuitive and easy-to-use for both customers and support reps, Alwaysupport provides a floating widget for websites and embedded solutions for Android and iOS mobile apps.

The site owner can fully manage the entire customer support cycle from the desktop or our iOS and Android mobile apps.

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Alwaysupport can be seamlessly integrated with popular CMS like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, etc..

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How Does AlwaySupport Work?

AlwaySupport provides three layers of customer support to mobile web, mobile apps and sites. First, if a user asks a question using the company’s desktop or mobile products, our unique platform automatically returns the best available answer without any help from a support representative. Second, if there is no suitable instant answer, the system allows the user to start a live chat session or, if enabled by site’s owner, ask the site’s community the question. And third, the user can message the site’s owner by opening a support ticket.

The system has a unique self-learning engine of the users’ questions and a method to provide recommendations for questions the site owner should add. Thus, the longer the system works the proportion of the support provided by the first layer grows and the usage of the second and third support layers decreases. The net result is more efficient support and a dramatic decrease in support costs.

Benefits and Features

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SupportAdviser* -Automatic self-learning engine that sifts through inbound unanswered questions and search queries to produce list of recommended tasks. SSL