Floating Widget

The Floating Widget helps you provide exceptional support and experience to your online customers with easy and instant access to information in real-time.

Instant Answers

The first and most comprehensive part of the Widget is its ability to provide immediate response to customers’ questions by utilizing your knowledge base. The self-learning system and innovative search engine ensures that for the vast majority your online customers easily find exactly what they want and need. That will reduce waiting times and immediately increase conversions and user engagement. In case an answer is not found, you’ll receive notification to alert you that such a question needs attention. Notifications can be received by email or even by SMS.

Live Chat

The second layer of support provided by the Widget if an answer does not yet exist in the knowledge base is the Live Chat. With a simple click of a button your online customers can start a conversation with you or your support representative. You can conduct the chat through the desktop admin or using the AlwaySupport iOS or Android apps. In fact, you’ll be able to start a chat on the desktop and continue it uninterrupted from a mobile device.

Ticket System

The final layer of support allows your online customers to open a support ticket directly from the Widget. So if you’re unavailable to chat or the customer simply prefers to email the inquiry, a single click of a button will let your customer email you. The inquiry will be received and categorized in the admin area for easy management so you can resolve and move on.